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Osteopathy uses gentle manual techniques to

            remove pain and increase mobility
            restore natural balance and harmony
            and to optimise health and vitality.

Osteopathy is often associated treatment for back and neck pain, sciatica and twisted ankles.  But just as often I treat babies with feeding difficulties or children with glue ear.   Adults who may have had an accident, or a fall and feel a loss of confidence.  People living with chronic illness, or high stress.                                                                    Osteopathy can help with a wide range of problems

As a Registered osteopath, I am trained to use the full spectrum of osteopathic techniques, including osteopathy, which includes mobilisation of the joints, and cranial osteopathy.  I specialise in the use of cranial and other gentle but effective osteopathic techniques.  They are suitable for all ages, the young and the not so young, and anyone preferring a more subtle approach.                                                                                            Osteopathic treatment that is gentle and effective 

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and with the Sutherland Cranial College and  I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of osteopathic treatment.

My practice is located  in Finsbury Park, which has very good transport conections.  I also have a small practice in Hoxton, just a short walk from Old Street, and you would need to contact me directly on my mobile for appointments there.

Prices are £40.00 for adults and £30.00 for babies and childres.  Concessions for the low-waged are available - please ask when making the appointment.